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Unwinding Moments

Weekend Getaway Soap

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Top Notes: Spices, Bergamot

Middle Notes: Orange Zest, Clean Notes

Bottom Notes: Cedarwood Oil

All of our soaps are carefully handmade in small batches in Minnesota. They’re made with luxurious oils, 3 milk powders, kaolin clay, and tussah silk. (Designs may vary slightly from bar to bar)

This listing is for (1) bar of soap approximately 5.80oz.

3in X 3in X 1in thick.

We cure our soaps for 6 weeks minimum to ensure a better bar. Please keep your soaps dry and ventilated in between use. We recommend a soap dish that has holes where water can not build up in. If you find your soap too big, you may go ahead and cut it and save the other half for later.

Why buy handmade soaps?

Hand made soaps are made with natural ingredients free from chemicals, while still containing glycerin - which skin loves.

With our soap, there is no guessing what’s in it. Our ingredients are there for you to read and know exactly what you’re washing your body with!


Organic & Sustainably Grown Palm Oil, Olive Oil, Water, Coconut Oil, Sodium Hydroxide (Lye), Almond Oil, Castor Oil, Fragrance, Coconut Milk Powder, Buttermilk Powder, Goat Milk Powder, Kaolin Clay, Tussah Silk, Sodium Lactate, Skin Safe Colorant, Activated Charcoal

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